“You can’t put a price on confidence”

Occasionally men have to either dress up in a suit or sport coat for work or mens 4a night out with a loved one or friend.

A lot if them don’t have the time or patience to find the things they look best in so they’ll wear the same clothes over and over again until they wear them out.

Wolf Gate Clothiers specializes in making men like these have confidence in looking better than ever by coming to you in the privacy of your office with the finest selection of gentleman’s apparel that include custom and ready made suits,shirts,sport coats and formal wear.

Our goal at Wolf Gate Clothiers is to make you clothing that is” better than the best”you’ve ever had.

Our 2016 Spring Collection includes:

Holland and Sherry Fabrics

Vitale Barberis Canonico Fabrics

Biella Fabrics

Turin Fabrics

Allen Edmond Shoes

Johnston Murphy Shoes

and more………………………………

Call us at 757-639-9462.

Contact Keith A. Thorogood to set an appointment.

I’ll will be happy to assist you.


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